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Weigh Scale Labels

As a trusted scale labels manufacturer we recognize that all weigh scale labels are not the same. Our labels are designed and produced to meet scale manufacturers specifications. With ITW Weigh Scale Labels we will have fewer jams, more accurate scans, longer print head life and labels that will work through the widest temperature ranges and environments.

  • Fewer Jams – Our weigh scale labels don’t jam as often thanks to the high quality adhesives, coated cores and easy release adhesion to the cores. These properties are especially important with higher speed weigh wrap machines that require a consistent and clean release.
  • Premium Quality Paper – Our direct thermal face stock is highly tested and formulated with a bright white finish that will provide improved clarity and better scanning.
  • Longer Print Head Life – Our high sensitivity face paper and top coat significantly reduce print head wear.
  • Proven Adhesives – Our standard food grade adhesives are designed to adhere to shrink wrap, glass, plastic, poly, wax and board through a wide temperature range. Have a special application? Ask your representative and he will help you spec a custom adhesive.
  • Environmental Resistance – ITW Weigh Scale Labels are noted to withstand extreme environmental conditions including moisture, plasticizer migration, oils, fats, blood, alcohol, solvents and heat.
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