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Medical Device Packaging

Introducing: MedPackTM - An Innovative Solution to Traditional Medical Packaging Devices

MedPackTM is a thin film gauge card which provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional thermo and vacuum formed trays. MedPackTM cards can be constructed from several sterilization tolerant and green recyclable materials - an essential consideration for the strict guidelines required by the Med-Tech industry.

Give ITW Labels a call today to learn how our MedPackTM cards and innovative, cost-effective solutions can help you with your medical device packaging needs.

We offer custom medical packaging designs with the aim of reducing the costs of traditional packaging without compromising performance. Engineered to your exact specifications, these cards can be fabricated from recyclable, low particle or sterilization-tolerant materials.

Additionally, we can supply Level 1 Clean Room Packing protocol that meets the strict guidelines of medical and biotech labels including:

  • Contact web cleaning with anti-static station to reduce dust
  • Nitrogen flushing and vacuum sealing
  • Static dissipative bags
medical device packaging

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